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As one of our long time members and successful challengers (of multiple rounds), Julie Kibler is definitely deserving of the title Member of the Month. “Mamakib” has been with us for 3 years in Elk Grove and is always the first to welcome a new face or encourage a fellow fit fam.  After losing over 70lbs, she has stayed consistent with her workouts and gone on to complete a Spartan race, among many other member challenges.  She has become her own version of Wonder Woman by motivating her daughter to complete 2 challenges and get on a healthy track herself.  With the belief that you will go further when you work with like-minded people and embrace the fit fam, Julie now helps to motivate and encourage our new challengers.  Whether it be a friendly phone call or a high five at kickoff, you can be sure Julie will be a positive influence on your fitness journey.  We are so happy and privileged to have Julie not just as a member, but an inspiration to us all.  As she would say “You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it.”