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Julia was born and raised in Sacramento but has lived in the Bay Area and England for the past 7 years! She now works as an assistant planner for the city of Citrus Heights! Julia has a black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys spending her time kayaking and going to art galleries and exhibitions! After she returned home from England in 2017 she hardly recognized herself in the mirror and knew it was time for a change. She decided to put herself and her health first so she joined Results and completed 3 consecutive 6 week challenges! She lost a total of 56lbs and gained confidence in herself and her physical capabilities. She felt that accomplishing her challenges was a true testament to her inner strength. Julia has been a member for 2 months now and sports her Myzone “Julia” proudly during her workouts (she is currently taking suggestions for nicknames)! She especially loves wearing it during her favorite day of the week Tabata Tuesday because she’s able to get her heart rate into the red zone! Julia enjoys the comradery and positive atmosphere of Results. She loves that the fit fam supports her efforts and are there to lift her up when she struggles. She’s made many wonderful friends thanks to Results and can stay active with them on the weekends by going on hikes! She loves that she gets to surround herself with goal-oriented people who want her to succeed! Julia’s biggest accomplishment is the weight she’s lost however being able to run without stopping and being able to complete unassisted push-ups makes her feel like iron woman! We are so proud to have such a positive and friendly person representing Arden! Next time you see her give her a high five!