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Judy decided to join Results because she was unhappy with how she looked and felt. Her fitness and health journey started with Results, and it was her first step to changing that. She completed a challenge at the Sunrise location back in May of 2015 and after the challenge, she decided to try things on her own at a regular gym. It just wasn’t the same. When Judy saw that a Results was opening a location right by her work, she signed up right away to become a member because she knew Results was what she needed to keep her going on the correct fitness path.  Judy has been a member since the first day Natomas opened on 9/16/15 and in fact, she was the VERY FIRST member at Natomas!

Results has had such a big impact on Judy’s life. She used to hate eating veggies, but now it’s not an issue. Results was her stepping stone. Now, she enjoys going to the gym and eating healthy. She honestly believes that if she never came back as a member, she would not be at the physical and mental point of where she is today.  She fully enjoys the workouts and the camaraderie everyone has with each other.

Judy believes that Results has a great program to get you started and will help you achieve your goals. Her proudest moment was being able to do box jumps, and her favorite movement is any variation of squats. Her Myzone name is mzjbooty, which is a play off her name, Judy, and her desire for always wanting to build the booty.  Judy’s favorite quote is, “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.” – unknown