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When Jose is in the class, everyone knows!  His exuberance is contagious.  He is always one of the first people to greet anyone that comes in to Results for the first time.  Although Jose comes to Results to better himself, he often gives up part of his own workout to make someone else’s better. After having some knee problems when he was younger and allowing his sedentary job as a sales analyst for Bimbo Bakeries to make him gain weight, Jose realized needed to make a change. He has now been a member for just over a year and he has grown to love burpees and actually does 5-10 a day whether they are in the workout or not.  He loves his MyZone and you can find him as Jose on the board.  When he still wanted to come to the gym even after a long day at work because he was obsessed.  Now he is a faithful 5am-er. He would tell anyone that Results is the place to be and they will be happy if they make the choice to become a part of the FitFam. Jose’s favorite motivational quote is "The best way to predict the future is to create it" Abraham Lincoln.