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Two years ago, one round of burpees seemed impossible for Jose. Simply tying his shoes was a challenge. With his favorite type of food being FOOD, adjustments to his eating habits were needed. Only in his 30’s, Jose faced constant pain in his knees and back. Traditional gyms just didn’t work, then he found Results TC, which is anything but traditional. In two years, Jose completed 3 rounds of the challenge, lost 76lbs and 12 BMI points. Jose is a BEAST!  He can now complete 8 rounds of Burpees no problem, but he does it with his hat on, brim low so no one can see he’s really crying underneath!?  Representing them RAAAIIIDERS, Jose has goals of completing a half marathon and two Spartan races.

 “Come with an open mind, do a challenge, and you’ll get hooked.”- Jose

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”- Nelson Mandela