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Results has had a huge impact on Johnathan’s life. He has become fitter and stronger than he has ever been. Because of Results he started running Spartan races and has made so many new friends. Jonathan is 26 years old and has been a member at Arden for 2 1/2 years; he works as a claim’s adjuster for insurance. He is originally from San Diego and attend school at UC Santa Cruz. He swam competitively for 18 years, but now he is a total gym rat. As a swimmer Jonathan used to be able to eat as much as he wanted. However, after college when he stopped swimming, he realized he was no longer in shape. He went hiking in Yosemite one day and realized just how out of shape he was. That’s when he decided to start working out again and participate in the 20 lb. challenge for a quick weight drop. He fell in love with the gym. He now runs Spartan races and hopes to complete a x5 trifecta this year (15 races). He really enjoys the comradery. All the members are here for the same reason, to get fitter, and they are always so supportive and push each other. Jonathan’s proudest Results moments are when he is working with his friends on a movement or a certain weight and they are finally able to get it. His favorite movement is burpees. There are so many variations, and all of them are such a great full body workout. Coach Love likes to challenge Arden to do the four-minute burpee challenge and Jonathan likes that he is always trying to get him to do more and more burpees. His record is currently 81 burpees. Jonathan truly believes that his time here has been a life-changing experience; Jonathan said “it is hard to leave Results once you start because you will never be able to work out without the people and the coaches again. The energy is infectious.”

Favorite Quote

“If you can’t lift it, get stronger.” – Carlos Lozano