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Have you met the guy who holds EGs weight loss record of 146lbs and has completed 4 rounds of our 6 week challenge? Talk about commitment! Well this is the guy who went through all the holidays, work parties, summer bbqs, all the family gatherings and still kept his WHY the main focus. Joe has been with us for 2.5 years and still chooses us because he’s always had more success with team training environments than the traditional gym format.  He enjoys the variety of workouts throughout the week, the Coaches, staff, and all the Fitfam he’s made along the way.  When Joe first started Results it was just him but later on in his journey his wife Merrilee joined the Fitfam.  Results gives them something to do together to start their day, especially with 3 kids at home and a busy life.  Joe says if you commit to the process, stick to the plan, and get into the gym you will be successful. It’s not easy but if you find your why and surround yourself with people that will motivate and push you along the way you will be successful… on a challenge or not.  Joe says that something that gets him through his workout, especially on a hard day or when the weights start to get heavy, he can hear our lovely “Coach O” in his head pushing him to keep going. Joe’s favorite quote is, “BE STRONGER THAN YOUR EXCUSES! So stop making excuses and get to work.”