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Joan has been married to her husband Cliff for 32 years! They have 3 beautiful children! Joan has been a supervising teacher (grades K-12) for Horizon Charter School for the past 18 years! She is also a board game enthusiast and loves to solve puzzles! Joan started her journey with Results because she was tired of being tired! She witnessed her Facebook friends successfully completing a six-week challenge with Results, and thought “if they can do that, so could I!”  Two consecutive challenges and 40lbs down later, Joan joined as a member and has been for a year now! She sports her Myzone “Ladyo” proudly during her 6am class! She loves that it challenges her to push harder and she finds seeing her effort in color an awesome motivator. Her favorite workout style is high intensity cardio! She also loves partner/team work with some friendly competition thrown in! Joan’s favorite thing about Results is the supportive atmosphere and her fit fam! She loves that the workouts are different every day so that she’s never bored with the same routine. She believes that having support, expertise, and encouragement from her FitFam and coaches in achieving your health and strength goals is priceless. Her challenges and weight loss have impacted her life significantly. She finds waking up bright and early every week day to come workout with her husband (which is a major change from eating out) quality time well spent. She’s loves the outdoors and is thrilled to be able to keep up hiking and biking. In fact, for their anniversary in July, they went hiking on the Continental Divide which is over 10,000ft elevation! This year has been one to overcome for Joan. She faced breast cancer surgery in March and had been battling for her health and recovery in the months following. It has been so important to her to have a consistent workout routine and faithful support for her to continue to fight. Overall Joan is passionate about wholeness and health – body, mind and spirit. Next time you see this badass, give her a high five!