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Oh what can we say about Mr. Jim?! And YES that is his MyZone name, Mr.Jim. Jim has been a member for the last 18 months and has lost 20 pounds during his first challenge. This commercial realtor always has a smile on his face, comes in every morning at 8am ready to work with his beautiful wife at his side. They always arrive early and you can find them getting their warm-up speed walking laps before class. She is the light of his life and you can tell he enjoys having her along on his fitness journey with him. When you see Jim ask him to show you his special high-five/high-kick greeting with his favorite coach, Coach OJ.

Jim is an Aquarius and loves to cook, his meal prep posts are on point. Compound movements and Tabata Tuesdays are his favorites in the gym. Jim says, “I have gotten so much stronger and my attitude towards life is much more upbeat.” Quotes Jim lives by are ‘Start Strong, Finish Stronger” and “Breathe in the faith, Breathe out the faith.”