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Rocklin’s September Member of the Month is Jennifer Bruni Aka “Grumpy Cat”.

Jennifer has been with Result Since June of 2017.  She has done one Challenge losing 12lbs and knew she was not done with her health and fitness so she became a member after her Challenge.  She loves to lift Heavy S@#T making Monday, Wednesday and Booty Friday her favorite days of the week here at Results.  Her favorite exercise is Squats so she is all about that “shelf life” and never misses a Booty Friday.   What Motivates her to go to the gym everyday at 4:30am is her Fitfam and being the “Noni” that is able to keep up with her grandkids.  Outside of Results Jennifer has found a new passion for hiking and embracing the challenges of different trails.  With only 4 months left in the year Jennifer wants to do another challenge since she loves “All the food” and get her back on track with her nutrition.  Make sure you give Jen a high five for all the awesome work she puts in and you wont miss her, she the one saying “F” a lot!