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Jen is a Senior VP and CFO of California Hospital Association, Wife and mom of two grown sons – Ryan and Danny, Grammy to one grandson – Jayden, a Spartan, been going to Results for 4 years 3 months, and is 55 years young and counting!!  She decided to Join Results, when it was getting close to her 50th birthday and she decided to lose weight… she had let herself get heavier than she wanted and figured if not now never, that was in 2013.  She lost the weight then but by November of 2014 she had gained it all back.  She saw the ads for Results and the 20lb challenge and decided that she really needed to change her lifestyle or just get comfortable being overweight.  She joined the 20lb challenge which started January of 2015. She lost 18lbs on that challenge and never looked back.  She has been a member since then.  She’d tell you that, “I’m pretty much awkward as a$$ but old enough to not really care LOL!”

She used to have chronic back pain and since results she doesn’t anymore.  Results has helped her stay accountable, increased her confidence, provided an outlet and social environment, and helped keep her stress under control.   What she enjoys most though is the community… the people.  Always being pushed to be better.  With these people she achieved her proudest fitness moment being in shape and strong enough to conquer the Tahoe Beast (Spartan Race) twice!! Her favorite workout as she puts it, “I’m a bit of a cardio junkie so Tabata is probably my favorite although I am trying to focus more on strength right now.”

Her MyZone name is JMoney$.  Which she has a love/hate relationship with, “I like it because it helps me stay motivated and work harder.  I hate it because they keep raising my max heart rate to a 34-year old’s.”  Which is a great problem to have. If you ask her, she would tell anyone wondering about joining Results, “Do it!! It’s a great investment in yourself!”  

“Of course, it’s hard, it’s supposed to be hard, if it were easy everyone would do it. Hard is what makes it great!”