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It is an honor to have Jeff Alspaw as the Central Sacramento location’s Member of the Month for August 2018.  This Disney loving grandpa of two, is a go-getter with a winning attitude whose positive outlook inspires others around the gym.  Known by “Joe Arbor” on the MyZone board, he cheers others on to get their MEPs as he pushes himself to try and beat whoever is the MEP leader for that class.  He says that he loves the accountability that the MyZone feedback provides.  Jeff has been with Results since his first challenge in June of 2017.  He successfully completed his challenge by losing 30 pounds – He has kept it off since!  Jeff believes that Results has helped him find his balance of mind, body, and spirit inside and outside of the gym.  He has made lasting friendships and has inspired many others at Central Sacramento to keep focused on their goals.  “No Matter What” is Jeff’s favorite motto and sums up his focus and dedication to his fitness – no matter how he feels, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how much he has to do at work, he gets in his classes and makes his fitness and health a priority.  He is a great role model to others which is why Jeff Alspaw is Central Sacramento’s August 2018 Member of the Month!