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Central Sacramento coaches are proud to announce Jason Allie as our Member of the Month for April 2019!  Jason’s journey with Results began in 2015 after a life changing and scary event – he had had a grand mal seizure!  At 265 pounds, Jason was the heaviest he’d ever been, he was out of shape, with an incredibly stressful job.  His wife had been a challenger before they got married so he knew it would work for him.  Jason successfully completed two rounds of the 6-week challenge and then became a member along with his wife, Diana.  

Jason says that he’s proud that he’s able to lift more weight than he ever could before, but his proudest accomplishment is really that he has made coming to the gym a habit.  He feels the proudest of himself when he makes it to the gym 5-6 times per week.  Jason’s favorite workouts are heavy lifting days and he says that he appreciates the positive environment and motivating atmosphere at Results.  He has made a lot of friends here and it all started because he because he decided to change his life.  Since joining as members, Jason and Diana had their son, Lucas (who is 3 years old) and they are expecting their second child due in July!

Jason’s favorite quote: (When it comes to the gym) … Go hard or go home! ~ E40