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The coaches at Elk Grove are proud to announce Jared Montoya as our very first Member of the Month for 2019!  Jared’s story is a something a lot of our members are familiar with. He was pre-diabetic,  had high blood pressure, chronic knee and back pain, and sleep apnea! Add that to having a 3-year-old son, he knew he had to change up his life! They say if you love something, let it go. Well Jared crushed his first 4 challenges in 2016 then took a break. But as the say in Elk Grove, “They always come back.” He came back in 2018, crushed 128 lbs and made a commitment for life!  Jared says the proudest Results moment was stepping on the scale at under 210 lbs. It’s something he hadn’t seen in 20 years! What makes our fitfam so amazing is our ability to inspire others.  Jared inspired his wife to change her lifestyle in such a positive way she lost 112 lbs!  Jared knows the Results program will absolutely put you on the path to change your life. You will become confident, healthy, and happy, but what you get out of the program is up to you! Jared is proof through his 6 challenges and 131 lbs lost is that if you want something bad enough anything can happen! It’s no surprise then that his favorite quote is, “Don’t be Dramatic, Love your life!”