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Iveth Alcala-Cruz from Sparks

Our Sparks Member of the Month for September is Iveth Alcala-Cruz, who has been a member at Results for almost 3 years now completing over 500 classes! Dedicated to her afternoon fitfam,Iveth always has a smile and is welcoming to all. Since with Results she has maintained a 25lb weight loss and even more in inches. Her favorite days to workout are Booty Friday as well as days which we can bring out the punching bags.

Motivated by Napoleon Hill’s quote, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”, Iveth puts in 100% effort everytime. Helping our culture grow here at Results Iveth not only has found confidence in herself, but motivates and inspires others to keep coming and work on their goals. All the coaches and team at Results are proud to call her our first Member of the Month!