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Irene is a Sr. HR business partner for a global organization! She is a proud mom of 3 kids and even prouder grandmother of 3 beautiful grandbabies. She loves the color red, wine tasting and reading!!! She also loves movies! Her favorites are Disney animated movies, The Princess Bride, and all the Marvel movies!!! Irene has been a member since December 2017! She first joined because she wanted to get back in shape to keep up with her 5-year-old grandson! Both her daughters were attending Results and brought her with them to a Friends and Family event where she fell in love with Results and joined as a member! You can catch Irene sporting her My zone “IreneC” proudly during her 4:30pm workouts, especially on her favorite day of the week, Tabata Tuesday! It helps keep her motivated, whether it’s a calorie goal she wants to hit or a MEP goal, it helps her push herself harder every day! Results has helped Irene feel like a bad ass again! She loves the friendships she’s made along the way and the encouragement she gets from her fit fam! She works hard and has fun doing it! Irene has had many proud moments but a few that come to mind are the first time she could do an unmodified burpee, completing the 4×4 challenge and having her team come in first place, rocking Coach Susanna’s 8AM Functional Training classes and dropping 23lbs in the process! Irene’s favorite quote “Stronger every day” reminds her to keep going, to never settle and to keep striving to be the best she can be! Next time you see Irene give her a fist bump!