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The coaches at Central Sacramento are proud to announce Ilaisa Mozart Talakai (we call him Mo) as our Member of the Month for June 2018!  Mo’s journey with Results began when he joined the 6-Week 20 Pound Challenge and completed three rounds losing almost 80 pounds!  After his challenge, Mo knew that Results was where he needed to be to continue his fitness and weight loss journey, so he joined as a member.

As a father of five boys, and campus supervisor at Monterey Trail High School, Mo knows the importance of staying in shape!  He loves all of the Results Team Training workouts, but his favorite is Tabata Tuesday!  Mo has admitted that his biggest struggle to overcome is with being patient with himself.  He says, “I want to lose weight fast, but I know that I need to trust the process and stay consistent”.  This understanding of himself and persistence toward his goal has allowed him to get rid of over 94 pounds and counting!  Mo’s best advice to others who may be struggling with their fitness journey is: “Never give up on yourself.” “You will have times when you fall back.” “You might feel ashamed that you gained the weight back that you worked so hard to lose.” “Just don’t give up on yourself.”

“It’s a process, enjoy the journey.”

Mo’s favorite quote by Confucious really embodies why he was chosen as our June 2018 Member of the Month – “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.”