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It was a unanimous vote amongst the coaches at Sunrise that Heike Mackenzie be our Member of the Month for November.  Since beginning her challenge in September of 2016, Heike has only missed one week due to a vacation she took last summer.  Heike joined Results Transformation Center because at the age of 73, she was worried about mobility issues and losing her strength; but like most people, felt that she had a few pounds to lose too.  After completing a successful challenge, Heike joined as a Sunrise member.  Her favorite motivational quote: “Reach for your dreams or you NEVER have a chance of reaching them!”  You will find Heike at our Sunrise club Monday through Friday at 9am pushing sleds and slamming ropes (Burpees are still her least favorite exercise!).

Since joining Results, she says that she wakes up every morning with a new sense of accomplishment and looks for inspiration from her gym buddies who push her and never allow her to quit. She attributes her non-stop energy to her daily habit of taking her Physx Multi Vitamins and drinking lots of water with BCAAs. Congratulations Heike on your dedication and commitment to your goals!  You are an inspiration to all of us at Results Transformation Center – Sunrise and we are honored to be a part of your fitness journey!