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If you’ve ever been to a Booty Friday during the evening in EG, you’ve probably seen our newest MOM, Gricelda Torres! Although she loves all of the workouts here at Results, Booty Friday is definitely her “fav” which allows her to escape from her busy life outside of the gym. Social Worker by day and mother of 3 boys by night, Gricelda has still managed to successfully complete 4 challenges during her 2 years as a member here in EG! Before joining Results, Gricelda was pre-diabetic and wanted nothing more than motivation to get healthy, lose weight, and stay fit. With the help of the coaches, FitFam members and her handy dandy MyZone, Gricelda has managed to find that motivation she was looking for and loves being pushed to work harder! After completing her first two challenges in September of 2016 and losing 42 pounds, she is now happy and HEALTHY! Gricelda believes that if she can do it, you can too! She says, “Joining Results was the best decision I ever made” and wants everyone considering joining Results to know that, “Within these walls, your life will change. One pound at a time”.