Glass Display Cabinets

Choose DesignEx Glass Display Cabinets to Display Your Quality Products:

At DesignEx Cabinets, you’ll find one of the best selections in glass display cabinets on the Web, hand crafted by master carpenters to display your products to show off their distinctions. Superior design features bring out the quality of your items to the fullest. Whatever your needs happen to be when looking for a display cabinet, at DesignEx, you are guaranteed the following benefits:

Your glass display cabinets will be custom build to order to your exact specifications. You select every feature of the cabinet from the size and finish to the lighting and the number of shelves you’ll need to display your items.

Lighting options for your cabinet include LED and soft light display to ensure your items are highlighted in the precise way you have in mind.

Invisible shelf supports streamline the design of your cabinets and create aesthetically-pleasing lines that are very effective in keeping the focus on what is being displayed. Hidden lighting cables ensure there are no messy wires to detract from your displayed items.

All glass display cabinets from DesignEx Cabinets are manufactured with superior load capacity and are supported by a unique corner post design that ensures that the full load capacity of each shelf is optimized.

Highly engineered locks with thousands of key combinations keep your items secure and eliminate the risk that someone else is able to open your cabinets with a key. Request matching keys for your cabinets if desired.

Customers love the wall mounted glass display cabinets from DesignEx and can help maximize areas where floor space is limited. Eye-level display cabinets have a strong and riding design with toughened safety glass sliding doors, toughened safety glass shelving, mirrored or board backs and are fully assembled prior to delivery. Choose from a standard size available from DesignEx or custom design your own when you call the company at 01453 826868.

Tabletop glass display cabinets are available as well and offer a wide range of possibilities in display options. You can order a tabletop display cabinet for your home, office, shop or school custom built to meet your exact needs. Check out available finishes on the website or call with your custom ideas.

Storage glass display cabinets are ideal for trophies and awards in schools or civic centers. Take a closer look at the Retail Glass Display Cabinet with Storage that comes with a stylish aluminum frame, strong, rigid design, a unique storage compartment in the base with sliding doors, and several, toughened glass shelves with plenty of space to display your students’ achievements. Look over standard options or have one custom built around your award collection to display your medals to perfection.

Every glass display cabinet is designed and built in the UK to the highest standards of workmanship and quality, with superior strength and security in mind throughout. Call DesignEx Cabinets at 01453 826868 for a no-obligation quote to have a custom build cabinet made to display your treasures.