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Gary first found Results nearly 5 ½ years ago after he had just started a weight loss program through his physician. He needed to lose some weight, to ward off Type II Diabetes, and get his groove back. He found Results with a 30 Day Free Trial, and the rest is history. Gary now lives Type II Diabetes-Free, has lost 60lbs, and has the energy he needs to travel, seek new adventures, and keep up with his “younger” buddies out on the golf course! He is a proud grandpa to Adrien Rains – 7, and Hana Rains – 4. Gary loves the how the coaches at Results challenge you to be your best, but not to the point of injury. His MyZone name is “Gary”. He loves it because it pushes him to work harder, keeps him focused, and allows him to closely monitor his heart rate during workouts! Gary loves the variety of the workouts, but his favorite type is “Tabata” style workouts for their intensity. He feels that Results fosters unity among members and has a great no judgement environment.  He especially enjoys the encouragement, education and support of a healthy diet lifestyle.  The various member challenges enable him to stay accountable for a healthy lifestyle.  Gary says Results will help you find “you”. He also feels that the Results Fitfam is the best support group for anyone seeking to live a new healthy lifestyle. A favorite quote of Gary’s is “”If nothing changes, then nothing changes” – meaning, if we don’t change something, start something, or somehow break free from the bondage of fear, anger, or resentment nothing will happen.