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Socacize Fitness has become the best virtual and in-person alternative for people of all ages to empower themselves through the best dance workout classes, composed of a blend of the authentic Caribbean and African dance techniques and effective fitness movements. In our dance workouts, people learn and adopt the F.L.A.U.N.T. lifestyle, i.e., Feel good, Look good, Attitude, Unleash, Nice up yourself, and Take time for you.

By adopting this philosophy, they achieve to live fully in all aspects of their lives. Today it is possible to get even more out of our wonderful program by becoming one of our in-person or online dance instructors. If you are interested in this alternative and want to have a successful business tailored to your needs, you should learn more about our one-on-one fitness instructing programs.

What is the Socacize Fitness Instructor Training?

In our courses, you will learn everything you need to teach Socacize Fitness classes both virtually and in person. Not only will we give you the tools to teach the best workout dance classes, but you will also learn how to empower and motivate your students to adopt the F.L.A.U.N.T. philosophy. This will allow them to not only improve their physical health, but also their emotional, mental, and social health.

Course Duration

Our instructor training is designed for you to develop a tailor-made business. In that sense, we offer you three ways to get certified as a Socacize instructor:

  • On-Demand: The timeline to learn is up to you. Then, you will have 60 days to practice your assessment, and an additional 30 days to complete your final test.
  • Virtual & In-Person: You will have 30 days to learn, and then an additional 30 days to practice your assessment & final test.

What Tools Will You Receive?

  • The Foundation: You will learn how to implement the F.L.A.U.N.T. philosophy to your students. This will allow you to deliver top-quality classes that get results and are fun, which will lead to devoted attendees.
  • Music Mixes & Signature: The most incredible selection of moves, steps, and sounds to make your classes unique and unforgettable. Plus, the best expert videos and mentorship, will give you everything you need to develop a world-class business.
  • P.I.N.: Our Socacize Professional Instructor Network will provide you with tools to grow your business. These include branding on and access to new mixes and music to keep your classes fresh. You will also be able to list and update your schedule, offer your pricing and modalities to grow your clientele.

How Does It Work?

First, sign up and choose between training with the best online dance classes or the in-person mode. Then, you will learn the basics and the formula to deliver a top-line Socacize class. You will also study the history of Caribbean and African music, and how to combine them with your styles. After learning, your mentor will help you practice one-on-one. This will allow you to perfect your techniques, which will help you pass your final test and get certified, always with the support of your mentor.

To complete your instruction you will receive the best support, which includes the training manual, master class recording (or in-person master class training depending on the modality), video & music mix for evaluation, access to virtual jam sessions, and instructor lead support. If you are ready to become the best Socacize teacher with our top fitness instructor training contact us for your first appointment.

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