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“I want to keep doing the things everyone can, but most don’t.” Elizabeth Servin (Liz*s on the myzone board) is powerful, motivating and determined. You’ll find her at her home gym in West Sac, every day at 3:30. It helps to work only two blocks away.) She’s a consistent member and has been for over a year. Impressive since she started on a free one-month trial. Liz always pushes herself, because she considers life a blessing, having lost many family members over the last nine years. Liz loves Results workouts, or “adult recess” as she calls them, with them she’s lost 27 lbs., gone down 3 pants sizes and 2 top sizes. Her husband’s proud of her and we are too. Let’s be like Liz.


“Don’t feel intimidated and enjoy the workouts as they will only make you stronger.”

  • Elizabeth Servin