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Dumbbell Set

A dream body is the result of hard work and of adopting balanced eating habits and can only be achieved by showing determination and seriousness. It is a system where everything works together and where when one aspect isn’t right, the results will be profoundly affected. Fitness Equipment Empire promotes and sustains the need to adopt a regular workout program by coming with all the gear you need for the job.

The first thing any amateur bodybuilder needs is a dumbbell set. Dumbbells are the most effective tools in your fitness equipment. They isolate the muscles better than Olympic bars or fitness machines, and they are easier, more comfortable to use. They also allow for better control over the form of the execution.

But having a good, professional set of dumbbells, whether they are rubber or powder coated, with Olympic discs or in one-piece, is apparently just the first step. Next thing to know is how to use them, as well as the most common and most dangerous mistakes people make during workouts, which sabotage their goals.

Get fit like a pro!

Getting ripped is a science, which is why it needs to follow specific guidelines in order to deliver optimal results. Yet, a lot of people persist in doing everything wrong, from cardio to workout to dieting and to everything else in between. And it is the workout section where mistakes occur the most often and have the nastiest potential effects.

Having a dumbbell set is just the start. Now, you must figure out the do’s and don’ts. And these include:

    1. Incorrect form

One of the most common mistakes with amateur bodybuilders. Whether using dumbbells, racks, bars or whatever piece of equipment, having an improper execution will not only fail to deliver the proper results but will also increase the risk of accidents. And, more often than not, the improper execution comes from using too much weight.

    2. Going too hard

People want top results fast. But sculpting your body to that of a Greek God takes time, dedication and consistent efforts. It takes hard work and sacrifices. And using too much weight or doing too many repetitions or sets can lead to overtraining which could damage your muscles and even reverse your progress.

    3. Full-time training

Muscles don’t grow during training. The only thing that happens during training, at the level of the muscles, is pumping. But muscle growth occurs during the downtime. And training seven days a week can cause you to stagnate or even increase the risk of accidents.

    4. Not enough diversity

Repeating the same workout program over and over will, again, lead to stagnation. The body will quickly adapt to the routine, which means the best way to stimulate growth is to shock it with new exercises, increased intensity, a gradual increase in weight and so on.

With these in mind, getting in shape requires a dumbbell set like those offered by Fitness Equipment Empire, an iron will, combined with an unbreakable dedication and the know-how to get things going. Other than that, it’s all science.

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