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Debbie is a true mother of 4, grandmother of 7 and now a MOM at Results.  She has been married to her best friend and biggest supporter, Duane, for 16 years.  You will usually find them working out together at 5am.  She started at RESULTS after her own mother passed away.  Along with the depression, she tried to find comfort in food which led her to her highest weight.  Since joining, Debbie has lost 42 lbs and regained her energy and joy.  After seeing all the numbers and colors up on the screen for a year, she finally bought a MyZone.  Her name is DebbiC and since having her new toy, she has found she pushes herself harder, especially on her two favorite days, Tabata Tuesday and Booty Friday.  She feels proud of going from barely being able to do a burpee to being able to do 10 in a minute.  She would recommend RESULTS to anyone because she feels that the coaches and other members are awesome.  The encouragement to and from the other members is something that keeps her coming back.  “Either the day runs you or you run the day.- Jim Rohn