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May I introduce you to West Sac’s newest member of the month, Daniel Marenco.  This guy is a living example of fitness. Not only does he give 100% every time he is in here working out, but he also goes the extra mile(literally) by challenging others in the gym.  You can find him leading a pack on a 4:30a run to gym for Spartan training or giving a word of encouragement on the floor.

Daniel works out both early in the morning and late at night to allow his amazing wife Mikhol to workout consistently as well.  Really, the two of them together are a Results power couple.  Both of them just finished two spartan’s in one weekend and are continually bringing in their friends to spread the love of fitness.  If you are looking for someone to push you in the gym and give you a couple good laughs-come workout with Daniel!  He’s usually leading the group at the front of the room and always on time ready to get his MEP’s!