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This fiery grandmother of 8 and mother of 4, says that Results has made her the fittest she has been in her entire life. Conde has been at Results since July 2014, and was also a successful challenger!  Conde’s MyZone name is E-mom (could be for her love of EMOMs or perhaps because her son Eric is also a member of the gym!) Conde is always pushing her limits and challenging others to do the same. She is a massage therapist and knows the benefit of corrective exercises – you can always find Conde before and after classes working on her mobility and foam rolling techniques.  Conde’s favorite motivational quote is “you cannot out run a fork” because the true wisdom it imparts. “Believe me I have tried” she says.

Often seen in her favorite class, “PPP” blowing out the red zone on the MyZone charts, she admits that the first time she joined that class “I thought I was gonna die!” One of Conde’s biggest accomplishments while at Results was being able to hike Mt. Tallac in Lake Tahoe. Conde is always looking to inspire other members to push past their limits and she is ready to help and motivate them like a true Results FitFam which is why Conde Hirotani is Central Sacramento’s choice for our Member of the Month for February 2018!