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“Last year at this time I was on medical leave for a tumor in my brain and the support I received from Results was so special to me.”

Cindy Johnson is the November Member of the Month. She’s been with Results since April of 2016. She joined Results because she wasn’t getting anything out of other gyms. They just didn’t have the touch or family feel that she was looking for. Being at Results, she found just that! Family and faith mean so much to her. She has had huge ups and downs and Results was there when she needed it. She said, “God has blessed me over and over again!”

Results has made an impact on her life, making fitness a lifestyle. Along with changing her diet, she reads nutrition labels and even looks twice before purchasing. Being a member has made her stronger, healthier, and more accountable for her own actions. She loves it for many reasons especially the Fit Fam environment. She said, “If anyone told me they were thinking about joining, I would recommend it!” Her favorite workout is Booty Friday, and when Coach gives us ball slams!

Her proudest moment is tough because she’s proud of it all! “I’m proud of the family I met. I’m proud of the strength I have achieved. And I’m proud that I can do the exercises and still see the pounds drop even though I do modified versions of the skill.

Her favorite quote is “If it doesn’t challene you, it doesn’t CHANGE you!”