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Celine first came to Results in January 2016 to focus on her fitness goals! Along the way, she fell in love with fitness and completed 3 challenges losing a total of 50lbs!!! Recently Celine was a part of the Member challenge and was in the top 3 of total body weight lost out of all 10 Results Locations!! Celine has made it her personal goal and mission to work out 5-7 days a week…even while vacationing. Not only is Celine a beast in the gym she also has completed a Spartan race and enjoys living life to the extreme.

She enjoys sky diving, bungee jumping and scuba diving too! On Celine’s downtime, she like to read a good book and cook……STTFP recipes of course. You can Find Celine working out at Arden Monday through Friday in the afternoon.