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Celina Vallejos is a full-time student and softball player at Sierra College. She’s started Results because her mom made her, but now she’s the Member of the month. They say it’s not about how you meet, but how you fall in love, and fall she did. Nina loves her trainers, her fitfam, and of course the music. She’s been a member for 2 years, and has grown physically, mentally and spiritually. Her favorite quote is “life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” As an athlete in and out of the gym Nina has to take care of her body, so she started taking Physx’s supplements. She’s now eating better, she is always ready to workout, especially if the exercise works the booty. She and her team could see a noticeable increase in her performance level while taking the BCAA’s, as well as her muscle recovery and strength improved from taking the glutamine and protein. If you’re not transforming with us, Nina says “what are you waiting for?” Keep crushing it Nina!!!