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Plant pathologist, wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters. She enjoys baking, traveling, shopping, and BURPEES. After having her 2nd daughter, she found she was the heaviest she’d been. Realizing she didn’t want to “live in maternity clothes forever”, Cecilia knew she needed a change. She got Results and has now been a member for 2 years. Since joining she’s lost 35 lbs, and now “feels GREAT in her clothes.” Cecilia says “Results has taught me to be more positive in and out of the gym. I try to influence others to be the best they can be, and keep striving to crush goals and set new ones.” Her favorite quote is from Coach Rico, “if it’s burning, it’s working.” The Coaches and members she sees doing runs and races inspire her to do the same. She wants people to know “it’s hard work, but nothing worth having comes easy.”