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Our amazing December MOM at Reno Results TC is – Kate – who is a true ‘Mum’ of an awesome fitfam member – Emma!  In fact, it was Emma who helped inspire her ‘Mum’ to come on into Results about a year ago, and since then, she has logged over 150 workouts!  Kate says she really enjoys getting to work out with her daughter and loves to see the fantastic transformations of the fitfam and having her own 15lb weight loss success story as well.  She is busy lady as a grant writer professionally, and is also pursuing her Master’s Degree in Sociology at UNR and still makes time to get her workouts in! You can find Kate on the MYZONE board as – Emmasmum – and if you ask her about why to join Results? … she will tell you to JUST DO IT!  Yay Kate!!