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We are excited to have Carol as Rocklin’s member of the month for November!  She has been with Results Since August of 2017.  Although she has not done any challenges on her own and with the help of our Coaches out in Rocklin has lost 30llbs!!  Carol brings so much energy into Results during the work out many people have told the staff she is a true inspiration!  Her favorite work out of the week is Tabata Tuesday where she feels very challenged and has described it as “The day that separates the boys from the Men!”  What inspires Carol to come the gym day in day out is, its her fountain of youth, keeps her mind sharp and healthy.  Carol’s goals for the rest of the year is to continue her journey at Results getting better and stronger and would love to do a 5% Hard Body challenge in the future.  Outside of Results, Carol likes to take road trips to seeing her parents, also she loves snorkeling, puppies and Baby Elephants!!  You can catch Carol in both AM and PM session here in Rocklin!  Give her a high five when you see her in class!