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Brooke is a mom of two amazing kids and has been married to her hubby for 14 years! (They have been together since she was 14 years old!) Most of her time is spent occupied with her children’s activities; however, her guilty pleasure is reality TV! Her family are huge college football fans and follow Nebraska Huskers religiously! She calls herself a Jesus loving, coffee addicted, introvert who always has a book with her and loves to read! She devours a couple of novels a week on average! Brooke loves her job as a photographer! She has been a photographer for almost 9 years and has a studio in her home. Her favorite things to photograph are weddings, families and newborns! She also works part time as an office manager at a local nonprofit, Sierra Pregnancy and Health! Brooke grew up playing sports and took pride in being a competitive athlete. In adulthood, between raising kids, keeping a home, working a job AND owning a business, she lost that part of herself. She wanted to be fit, strong and proud and to feel like an athlete again. So, she joined Results and over the course of 2 consecutive challenges lost a total of 41.6 pounds! She then joined as member to continue working towards her fitness goals! She now sports her Myzone “Brooke” during her 9am workouts which helps feed her competitive side and motivate her to work harder and kick her butt in workouts! Especially on her favorite day of the week, Tabata Tuesday! Results has majorly impacted her life in a positive way! In addition to all the cute pants she now fits into (whoop!!!) her fitness level has improved dramatically! She even signed up to do her first Spartan Sprint in November! She enjoys the group atmosphere and positive vibe at Results and that everyone is always rooting for one another! She also believes that the coaches have been instrumental in encouraging her to push further and harder and holding her accountable. Her proudest moment at Results was the first time she could finish the warm up by running around the building without stopping! However, her proudest moment throughout her challenge was when she came home after her final weigh in and her kids had made signs stating “you are amazing!” and “you are a champ”. This helped her realize that sometimes putting yourself first is exactly what the people in your life need to see from you. Her advice to her fit fam is that there will always be obstacles in your life. Life doesn’t stop being stressful, kids don’t stop needing you, work doesn’t slow down! There is NEVER going to be the “perfect time”. There is always a reason to put yourself last, but the fact of the matter is, that doesn’t do anyone any good. Results is the real deal. The changes you see in the before and after pictures are not a magic pill or an easy fix- it’s hard work and determination and a physical, mental and emotional change that will transform your body and mind. We are so proud to have Brooke as our member of the month! Next time you see her shoot her a fist bump and wish her luck on her Spartan!