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Body Armor Ventilation Washington DC

Bluhalo provides the best body armor ventilation in Washington DC at the lowest price possible. You will find it vital to invest in a body armor ventilation system in Washington DC if you are part of the brothers in blue. A greater police presence is being seen in cities across the nation as tensions continue to rise against opposing parties.  Staying cool while wearing body armor is practicing smart safety measures, especially when the weather is hot.

Five Reasons Why Bluhalo is the Best Choice for Body Armor Cooling Devices

There are tons of reasons why Bluhalo is a prime choice for cooling devices for body armor. However, we have narrowed down the list to the top five reasons. Consider these reasons when deciding where to purchase ventilation for body armor:

  1. Lightweight – We offer lightweight systems to help keep police officers cool during hot weather. Adding a heavy ventilation system seems counterproductive to maintaining the safety and health of officers wearing body armor. Heavy systems just add to the energy the officer must exert, which can increase their overall body temperature. Our lightweight designs make it easy to enjoy on demand cooling flow of air through your body armor. Regulating your body temperature is an important part of being outside during the hot months of the year.
  2. Safety – Our systems are completely safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about the integrity of an officer’s body armor being compromised by our air flow systems. All of our products are created with the safety of the officer being the most important factor. We strive to adhere to strict regulations and rules to prevent an officer from being compromised in any possible way.
  3. Easy to Use – We only have easy to use ventilation systems for body armor, as most only require the use of a pump. Inflating and deflating the pump can allow the person wearing the system to have total control over the air flow. The easy to navigate controls and well-organized layout add to the general appeal of our cooling systems. You won’t have to waste time reading a thick and complicated user manual. It is easy to maintain a constant flow of cool air under the protective gear an officer wears.
  4. Undetectable – Our systems are typically worn underneath body armor, which makes them hard to notice. The system is placed in the section between the physical body and the vest of the armor. No one will have any idea the system is there unless they are told. The invisibility of the cooling systems makes them perfect for officers in uniform.
  5. Price – At Bluhalo, we always offer low rates on the products we provide. You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep an officer cool during the summer months. We proudly offer reasonable prices on all cooling systems in our inventory.

Gain More Product Information

You can learn more information about our systems by contacting us. Reach out to Bluhalo by calling the Police Supply Store in Chicago, IL at 773-991-5481.

Body Armor Ventilation Washington DC
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