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Bethany, a PROUD Reno Native is not only an awesome part of our Results Fam, she is a wife, Mom to 2 amazing kiddos, a huge cat and a little dog. Between running her household and owning an online clothing boutique, Bethany still found the time to come in to Results and start working towards her fitness goals. Having struggled with her weight most of her life and after having her kids, Bethany decided to do a Challenge with Results and she is SO glad she did! In just over 7 months, she has lost 40lbs and has gained confidence, strength, and a truly better version of herself!! Since starting Results, Bethany says she has come so far and has more energy for her kids, more patience and loves the changes she has seen in her body and soul.

She loves the energy at Results, and the diversity in fitness levels among the members, the inclusivity of the FitFam, and of course the awesome coaches that push her every day to do more than she thought she could! Tabata Tuesday is her favorite workout saying “After a Tabata workout, I feel like I have put in work and am ready for the day!”

Bethany’s advice to anyone considering Results is…”At 37 years old, I truly never thought I would accomplish making changes to my body. I gave up every other time I tried. If I can do it, YOU can do it! Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits!”