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Sunrise is proud to announce our newest Member of the Month, Anna Williams! Anna first found Results nearly three years ago after having tried various workout programs, getting bored, and falling off due to said boredom. She was looking for something new, exciting, challenging, and Results fit the bill (of health haha). Anna has found and re-ignited her passion for being fit and healthy again with Results! She continues to challenge and BE challenged in new ways every week in the workouts and is nowhere near bored because she continues to push to new levels! To Anna, the best part of Results is the coaches because they have only your best interests at heart. Her MyZone name is “Snozberry”. Anna enjoys the Myzone because it allows her to accurately track how much she puts in to each work out. Without a doubt, Anna LOVES any type of workout that has a barbell. This girl LOVES to LIFT! Anna has had numerous personal struggles through her journey, but unlike any other place she’s tried, Results keeps her coming back despite it all. It is because of that, she recommends anyone try Results, because  it’s unlike anything you’ve done before. To Anna, the ability to lift heavier and do things she never thought she could is what makes this a special place for her. When speaking with the coaches about Anna, the common theme is that she ALWAYS puts in 100%, and gives some of the best high fives around!